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Hangout in english

So I made a hangout in english…

My son uses hangout learing language and he absolutely do not understand that I have hangout just me alone.
But I keep it up – I’m sure that some day you’ll join me :) Perhaps if i’ll tell about it before going online…

So the question is still:

what is a net, a web, a network and how do we make a blanket symbolizing a net…

And an other question is;

should we make two hangouts? One for EU time and one for US time?

Please let me know what you think.
And remember; to join the hangout you’ll have to follow Knitting Bee on google+.

And now in english..

Dear You …

This is my very first post in english… hope it’s understandable :)
I’m getting started with google+ trying to find out how it’s working, how to build a google+  network. 
It’s fun to search, find and add the ones I find interesting, makes me curiosity or whatever…

What I enjoy most is google Hangout – video chat with up to 10 people and the ability to broadcast live. It means I can have a video chat with people around the country – perhaps also a few in Europe and the U.S.? and  make a Knitting Bee blancket online.

Where and when?
It is online at google+ Tuesday 13th November at. 20.30

What do you need to participate?

A computer – a network access and a google+ account that follows Knitting Bee.

A pair of knitting needles, a crochet hook, yarn, fabric, needles – or whatever you like best to work with.

And it requires something on the creative account.

I work to a certain extent intuitive – it means that I let feelings grow – I do not have a complete idea, but an idea and then I let it grow.

A blanket made by many is a joint  event – and everybody is important.

The task I want to ask you is to give you a couple of questions.

 Question with no ready answer. These are questions that should be allowed to live a little in you so that we can gather input when we meet online.

In the danish video I philosophize over a few more question

What is a net, what is network?

I’ll be really pleased to hear your thoughts som pleas comment here or at google+

You can also be a part of making the blanket even if you cannot participate live. Video will on youtube afterwards.

You send the patches to me and then I sew them together. And then we find out who is going to get the blanket..

 Right now I think we should draw lots, among all those who have made patches, but who knows .. maybe there is one of you who has a better idea ..?

And  what about ‘a secret’ …. something secret … I’ll let you an other day