And now in english..

Dear You …

This is my very first post in english… hope it’s understandable :)
I’m getting started with google+ trying to find out how it’s working, how to build a google+  network. 
It’s fun to search, find and add the ones I find interesting, makes me curiosity or whatever…

What I enjoy most is google Hangout – video chat with up to 10 people and the ability to broadcast live. It means I can have a video chat with people around the country – perhaps also a few in Europe and the U.S.? and  make a Knitting Bee blancket online.

Where and when?
It is online at google+ Tuesday 13th November at. 20.30

What do you need to participate?

A computer – a network access and a google+ account that follows Knitting Bee.

A pair of knitting needles, a crochet hook, yarn, fabric, needles – or whatever you like best to work with.

And it requires something on the creative account.

I work to a certain extent intuitive – it means that I let feelings grow – I do not have a complete idea, but an idea and then I let it grow.

A blanket made by many is a joint  event – and everybody is important.

The task I want to ask you is to give you a couple of questions.

 Question with no ready answer. These are questions that should be allowed to live a little in you so that we can gather input when we meet online.

In the danish video I philosophize over a few more question

What is a net, what is network?

I’ll be really pleased to hear your thoughts som pleas comment here or at google+

You can also be a part of making the blanket even if you cannot participate live. Video will on youtube afterwards.

You send the patches to me and then I sew them together. And then we find out who is going to get the blanket..

 Right now I think we should draw lots, among all those who have made patches, but who knows .. maybe there is one of you who has a better idea ..?

And  what about ‘a secret’ …. something secret … I’ll let you an other day 


4 tanker om "And now in english.."

  1. Kathrin

    Hi Thea, great to see your post in English, it’s clear and well written. Regarding your questions of nets and network I immediately remembered this TED lecture about liquid networks:
    Would love to participate in the google+ experiment, because I also want to understand it better and it’ll be great to form new networks. Not sure about the time yet, because that would be 2.30pm here in the States, but I’ll stay in touch.
    Warm regards,

  2. Thea Dam Søby

    Thanks, Kathrin – great to hear from you :)
    And great link…
    About the time – what time is good for you? Right now I’m trying to find a time that’s ok in Denmark and LA ;)
    Or maybe I should make two hangout one in english and state time and one in danish and in DK time..?

  3. Kathrin

    I would be all in favor for one hang-out, language difficulties and all not withstanding. I can commit Tuesday 13th at 20.30. I’ll get my google+ into shape over the weekend. Looking forward to meeting you! Enjoy your Sunday.


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